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Symtric Rosefeather
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Symtric
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Leatherworking, Skinning
IC Info
Nicknames The Litheman, Rose-son, Sym
Title The Litheman
Age 457
Height 7'3"
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Amber
Skin Medium Purple
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description[]

Tall and covered in tight muscle, Symtric dresses himself in leathers common to all hunters. He has amber eyes and more often than not has his dark blue hair in a high ponytail. Sym keeps his beard long and sideburns thick. He carries a bow and a staff.

Little touches[]

Symtric has a few defining characteristics, physically:

Scars: Sym has a bite mark on his left shoulder, received during the taming of his cat, Faerlinas. Her jaw marked both the front and back of the shoulder. He will often go shirtless, more for comfort than to show off his scars (though that doesn't hurt his reputation, either).

Fletching: The Rosefeather family only uses feathers that are a shade of red in their fletching. As such, Sym can be recognized by a quiver full of red arrows.

An Accomplished Woodsman: Sym is a skinner and leatherworker, and as such, has the grace and silence attributed to all woodsman.

A Lover's Necklace: A fine silver chain is loosely wrapped around his neck twice. A silver ring with a small silver rose is on the chain. In the middle of the rose is a round pink gemstone.

Personality and Actions[]

Quick to anger but slow to act on it, Symtric is the typical less-than-trusting Night Elf. His only hatred is that of the Horde (due to past circumstances), but has since been called into action to help Azeroth as a whole, and knows when to swallow his hatred. He’d as soon nock an arrow to his bow than speak to know your intentions. Sym is often described as cat-like (the origins of his title “The Litheman”), and is nearly as wild as the large cats he has as hunting companions.

Sym, further following his cat-like nature, lounges when he sits, his amber eyes half-closed, but every muscle coiled for action. His every movement seems planned. He will speak readily, and buy drinks for those around him, but is quick to smirk and is often arrogant.

Nicknames: Sym is sometimes referred to as "The Litheman" or "Litheman" by Night Elves in Darnassus. His enemies, Horde and evil beings alike, know him as such. He is also referred to as "Rose-son" by those that knew his mother, Yosindrilas Rosefeather, and by his sister, Rathistria, if she becomes cross.

To Friends[]

Although his friends are few and far between, Symtric is loyal and steadfast. He opens himself up more in private, but will show considerable warmth to those he considers close.

To Enemies[]

Symtric will refuse to kill on sight, even if a member of the Horde or other enemy is present, but will keep the enemy in the line of his arrow until he knows their intentions. He will only kill if he feels they are up to no good, and only after revealing himself. He kills quickly and efficiently, but is known to enjoy a good battle.


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