Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • In-Game: Sylvina
  • Nickname: The Flippy Druid
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Guild: The Eleventh Hour
  • Title: Full Member
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Class: Druid

Story[edit | edit source]

Not one to disclose her past easily, Sylvina refers to herself as "of family not worth mentioning".  Considered matronly and a bit more serious than what's good for her, Sylvina goes through life trying to help others. She tends to stretch herself thin and despairs when she can't be everywhere at once. She brushes off compliments humbly reminding people there are others better than her.

Currently she fights alongside the Eleventh Hour, a fighting brigade sent to the more dangerous areas of discovered territories. She deeply believes that inconveniencing these mighty forces keeps them from having their way and running amok on Azeroth. Though she has slowed down due to injuries from so many years of service, Sylvina helps when she is able. A few injuries inhibit her but she brushes them off not because she is 'tough' but more so because they cannot get in the way of her duties.

She never truly leaves any organization behind. She keeps ties to Einheriar, Tempora Heroica, and, most notably, the House of Stormrage where she learned many of her skills. Though only few know she thinks fondly of Tempora Heroica and Einheriar and has watched them from the shadows with great interest. Unfortunately the Einheriar brigade was disbanded and it's soldiers sent to other brigades.

She can be found in the company of the House of Stormrage. Her heart longs to be near them as there is nothing but warm love felt for this group. No matter what has happened they are always there to give her a warm hug and a smile. She dedicates her warring to this House. A great fear is for harm to come down on her friends.

Often Sylvina will be in the company of a warrior woman named Koryander. They compliment each others styles and have accomplished many feats together with ingenuity and patience. The fiery haired woman is the former bodyguard of Lady Sirithil Nightstone, the Margravine of Redridge. Koryander disappeared into the Nether with no word on her well being. Grieving for her loss, Sylvina carried on but never found another such as Koryander. Recently, Koryander has returned being rescued by the Consortium from a floating rock in the Nether. Sylvina and Koryander have reunited and are as inseperable as ever.

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