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Sukotto Bombtosser
Sukotto Bombtosser.JPG
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Sukotto
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Class Mage
Guild Gnomeregan Rebellion, The
Professions Engineering and Mining
IC Info
Nicknames Suko, Shorty, and Little One
Title Engineer
Age 40
Height 5' 0"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Aqua
Skin White

Sukotto Bombtosser is a gnome mage on the Earthen Ring server.

Physical Description[]

  • Garments/Armor: Sukotto usually wears a mind control hat or goggles on his head, along with his tabard and engineering overalls on his chest. He has a tabard the depicts golden cogs foreshadowing a red background.
  • Other: Sukotto has light blonde hair and aqua-colored eyes.


Sukotto has multiple personalities, but is usually very heroic, somewhat of a smart-alec, and tries to remain happy and cheer everybody up. Sometimes, however, he can be very obnoxious, and really bother the people around him.


Sukotto was a young, innocent gnome living in Gnomeregan with his father and mother. At a very young age he was interested in engineering and was a natural talent. One day, Sukotto was sent to pick up some supplies at Coldridge Valley by his father. He did so, and got tired while there, so he spent the night. He awoke late the next morning, and when he returned to his homeland, most of it was in total destruction. He went to his home and found his parents dead. He was suddenly attacked by a trogg, was totally defenseless, and about to be killed. But just before he was killed, the trogg falled to his death. A dwarf hunter with a red beard had saved him, and together they made it out of the city. Sukotto later found out his name was Shermt Boarhunter. Shermt told him he needed some way to protect himself, and suggested he become a mage, and so Sukotto listened. Now him and Shermt travel the land of Azeroth together all the time.

Sukotto thought all his living relatives were dead, but later found out his grandpa, Screwy Bombtosser, had managed to fight his way out of the city. Unfortunately, since the accident, he has become a little crazy. They are the only two of his family still alive.

Later Sukotto met Shermt's younger brother, Fallenz, and sometimes they travel together too.


Sukotto loves engineering always focuses more on his engineering than anything else, even his magic ability. He is a great engineer and is often called upon when somebody needs help fixing something, or if they need advanced machinery to be made.


Sukotto later took up mining so he could easily collect resources needed for engineering.


Sukotto became a mage to protect himself in self-defense, but now uses it to start battles too. Unlike most mages, who focus on one type of magic, he is an all-around mage, using many spells from arcane, frost, and fire.

The Gnomeregan Rebellion[]

Perhaps what Sukotto is mostly known for, he started an organization called The Gnomeregan Rebellion to get back at the troggs who had killed his family.