About Us

We of the gang have but one purpose, to put pressure on the Stormwind City Guard. This is to test their will to protect their own people. The warlords Are Felix and Xanala.

Warlord Felix

Warlord Felix was once part of the guard. However, he was cast out for not complying with their standards. Now he wishes to rebuild them, and is ready to do what it takes to accomplish that.

Leader of Intel and Special Ops.

Warlord Xanala

Warlord Xanala has heard the complaints of the masses. He has heard of how the guard doesn't protect its own people well enough. To test this theory, he has paired with Warlord Felix to stress the guard to the point where they prove that they can defend their people or are eliminated.

Leader of Magic Corp.


Our second in command was also one of the guards. However, one night, our Warlord Xanala came to the Command Center and told him how he wasn't high enough in the guard. He brough him to Felix, who told him about our plot, and after some persuasion, he burned his tabard in holy fire and joined the gang. After the first day of operation, he betrayed the gang and turned them against Xanala, and later left after crippling the operation.


The gang does not let anyone into our ranks, but once you learn of our base, you must either join, forget all about where and what you saw, or die. If you wish an interview, contact Felix or Xanala.


After our first formation, we waited for the guard to show up in Stormwind. After a few hours, we found one and lured him into a bar in the Park. After beating and stabbing him, we let him go to tell the guard of what happened. Later that day, we tried the same with another member of the guard, but were quickly swarmed. It was then that Kalohn betrayed the gang, turning them for a short time against warlord Xanala, claiming that they were being minipulated.

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