Guild Type: Medium Roleplay

Active: Nov. 25, 2004 - Sept. 10, 2006


Note: The guild became effectively inactive on Sept. 10, 2006, with the announcement that Kadingo and Corah would no longer be actively managing the group. Most remaining SEF members are now moving on to other opportunities.

Clan Leadership

Storm Master: Kadingo

Officers: Bura, Corah, Crul'jin, Githilo

Ranks: Petitioner, Storm Watcher, Storm Caller, Officer, Storm Master

History and Synopsis

Storm Earth and Fire was formed in the beginning. Right as Thrall put out the call for brave new Hero’s to venture forth and defend the new Horde, a young Shaman by the name of Kadingo gathered up allies and friends. Having the Clan charter in hand he had only to figure out what to call it. Remembering the great tales of his teachers Kadingo recalled that when a Shaman was battle ready in the Third War, they would call out “Storm, Earth, and Fire! Heed my Call”. And so it was done.

As such we are one of the oldest Clans on Kalimdor, and perhaps even Guilds in the whole of Azeroth. We have been integral the whole time. We have never merged, dissolved, renamed or the like. There have been rocky times, but through it all the dedication and tremendous spirit and heart of the Clans-mates have lasted through it all. With luck and perseverance we will all live to see the day when Arthas falls and our lands are free at last. Until the next threat emerges…

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