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Guard Captain Squeakshot Squareline
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Squeakshot
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Class Warrior
Guild Moonwood Rangers
Professions Blacksmith
IC Info
Nicknames Squeak
Title Guard Captain, Infantry, Gnomish Irregulars, Dwarven Army
Age 45
Height 3' 2"
Hair Pink
Skin Snowblind white
Alignment Lawful good

Physical Description[]

For such a slight race, Squeakshot has proven to be heavier and stouter than the average female gnome. Eschewing the odd, impractical fashions of her high-intellect, low-spirit race for the heavy field plate of the dwarven army might have had something to do with this.


Squeakshot's quiescent and level nature has been remarked upon by more than one member of SASU.


Squeakshot was born into the Squareline family of architects. Considered at a young age to be too dull of mind for the family business, she was fostered to a childless dwarven couple in Ironforge who apprenticed her to a smithy. Her foster parents were paladins and good-naturedly taught her to how to use weapons and a shield. When she expressed an interest in taking up the vows of a paladin, her foster father made a recommendation for her to the Dwarven Army instead, unable to see a gnome as a member of a religious order. All three were incredibly proud when she earned her rank as Infantryman and stationed as a guard in Ironforge. Unfortunately, Gnomeregan fell to trogg infestation and her extended gnomish family came to live with her. Then, the Army reassigned her to the hastily formed Gnomish Irregulars. Suddenly understanding her position with the dwarves as 'just a gnome,' she set out adventuring to find the gnomes a new homeland and herself a place in the world.