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The mysterious Sprigg

Shhhh, want to know a secret?


  • Full Name: ?
  • In-Game: Sprigg
  • Nickname: Sprigg
  • Race: Gnome
  • Class: Summoner (Warlock)
  • Professions: Deckhand, Summoner
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Age: Approx. 33.
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Brunette in puffy pigtails. The amount of hair is astounding.
  • Eyes: Bright green
  • Height: She's the small stuff, all right.
  • Other: The burns. With a little ear piercing.


Far too childlike for a proper gnome. Something isn't right. Ask for her name and all she can say is "Sprigg!"


Since, you've read this far, I might as well say it flat out. Sprigg is Marialle, a young gnome not oft heard of nor remembered.

Born in 587, Gnomeregan, as Marialle Petalsprigg (for her father's silly inventions of mechanical flowers). Mari was often frustrated as a young gnome because of her ineptitude at tinkering. She was much more interested in the arcane practices of the other races she read about. Torn between the wishes of her parents and her own desires, Marialle taught herself the simplest of spells in secret.

During the invasion of troggs, the gnome attempted something she shouldn't have: a summoning. It was a successful calling, but like many foolish arcanists in those days, she could not control the demon. Instead of attacking the troggs, it went for Mari's parents (of course!). She fled Gnomeregan when it turned on her, fearing not only for her life, but for her reputation.

For five or so years she lived alone in Ironforge, learning from the gnomish summoners. After a time she began to desire the human perspective; it was said they had greater knowledge of the arcane. In late 619, she journeyed to Stormwind to discover the truth of the matter. Marialle was shocked by what she saw. Summoners openly displayed their minions in broad daylight. She met not only blatant warlocks, but strange philosophers as well. She met several members of GEAR (Gnomeregan Exiles Academy of Research) and Council of the Eye. Mari tried to pick up tinkering, but managed only to create goggles and a very leaky and malfunctioning mechanic squirrel.

Time passed. Marialle was employed as a hand on the HNS Litany of Fury, but mysteriously disappeared.

The Division

A small gnome was found on the banks of Theramore by Naiama during a recruiting mission for the then unnamed ship, the Fox of the North. Her hair was messy, her clothes were ruined, and she was clearly in need of aid. Once nursed back to health, all she could remember was the name "Sprigg" with a puerile demeanor.

Sprigg, for a time, worked aboard this ship as an in-house summoner and deckhand. In return, she received shelter and food. However, as her favored elf no longer came to visit and she was staying among a strange assortment of goblins and sailors, she traveled to Stormwind. Calling out "NaiNai," she met an associate of Naiama's. She lived with Creel and Naiama before disappearing once again.

Status Note

Sprigg is an ingame character, but has mostly been roleplayed through text on other characters. See NPC.

Why, oh, why won't she stay out of the sugar sack?

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