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Sooka Felcaller


Full Name: Sooka Felcaller

Game Name: Sooka

Guild: Warcry

Title: None

Aliases: Sooks(Disliked, but tolerated)

Class: Warlock

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Age: Mid 20s

Gender: Female

Hair: Dusky Grey

Eyes: Milky Brown

Skin: Faded Green

Professions: Alchemist (374) and Herbalist (375)

Physical Description

Sooka is average in shape as orcs go. Her build is robust, like that of most orc women, though such detail is rarely evident with her common garb of robes. Most striking is the faded look to her coloring, which seems universally faded from a more earthy coloring of black, green and brown (hair, skin and eyes).

Her features are fair, with smooth skin and nearly invisible tusks. She's given to wearing her hair as a single braid, bound with bands of dark metal at common intervals. She always dresses well and pays strict attention to hygiene, though shows no aversion to the dirt and blood of travel and conflict.


Sooka is, first and foremost, secretive. She doesn't speak often of herself and, even then, rarely in any detail. She trusts in few people and that trust goes only so far. Those few times she finds herself in a gathering, she is often silent but observant, speaking when spoken to or when she has something in need of being said. She's not given to many open displays of emotion, the most common being mild amusement and disdain.

Besides her demons, she seems to have few obvious friends, holding most at an arm's length. Even those of her guild know very little about her, save that when need be she can be relied upon to perform a task to the letter, without duplicity.

On the struggles of the Alliance and Horde, she cares little. She rarely brings battle to the Alliance, often content to ignore their operations in the area unless tasked (and paid) to assault them or simply of a mood to deal destruction. She is content, for the most part, to leave the sides to their struggle while she goes on about her own private business, so long as neither gets in her way.


As of yet, her origins are hazy. She has, for all intents and purposes, broken off all contact with all members of her family, making it difficult to pin down where she is from and of whom she was born.

OOC: I haven't really made a detailed history for her yet. Perhaps later.


First amongst her cadre of subjugated demons is the succubus Brynia. She is the one most often seen at Sooka's side, or not seen as she often cloaks herself magically. Like most Succubi, she enjoys inflicting pain on mortals, though Brynia has a deeper streak of pure sadism behind her actions.

Sooka is not Brynia's first controller, though the last was a far cry less interesting than the current. Sooka's amoral views and shadowy business mix well with Brynia's particular delight in causing pain, as Sooka is often content to allow Brynia free reign with her inborn fetish.

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