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SilverShadow NightBlade
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Silvershadow
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Female
Class Hunter
Guild None
Professions Skinning and Leatherworking
IC Info
Nicknames Silver, SS, Crazy Cat Hunter
Title Wednesday's Child
Age 122
Height 6'5"
Hair Metallic Silver
Eyes White Silver
Skin Pale Blue, almost bleached
Alignment True Netural

Physical Description[]

Silver in her Hunting gear

Garments/Armor: While out hunting, Silver is found in a mix of various mail armor, red tinged BloodSoul along with pitch Black Dragonscale. While her blades may change, she never goes with out one at each hip, nor lets her trusty bow far out of reach.

If she's simply poking around town, relaxing with no threat of attack, she will typically wear a simple tank top, comfortable leather pants, and a pair of tall boots.

Silver in her Business gear

Sometimes she will pull a ghostly white hood over her face when she wishes to keep things.. discrete.

  • General: Quiet and Serene. Looking at her, one is struck by how she seems to resemble the felines she always accompines.

Pale, even for a Kaldorei, her skin seems leeched of all color save for the dark markings on her face. Her hair is her namesake, looking like spun strands of silver metal, though soft to the touch like silk. More slanted than most, her eyes seem to see things in a different light than most.

Depending on what she is wearing, one might see the massive scar tissue that covers most of her right thigh.

SilverShadow by Caela

She's often seen in the company of another Kaldorei named Erroch, and both are known to take jobs as "Trackers", though tracking what and where is not made apparent


The Beginning[]

Raised by an aged hunter, Mattias Nightblade, Silver knows nothing of her parents other than they died shortly after she was born. Mattias raised her as his own, teaching her the ways of the Hunters and even gifting her with his own surname when she showed great promise from a very young age.

While she was yet a small child, she was wandering the forests of Ashenvale where she and Mattias lived when she was attacked by a Nightsaber. The mauling was so bad she nearly lost her right leg. However, by some miracle, the healers were able to not only save her life, but the use of her leg. Since that day she's show no fear of the great cats. Rather, she's grown rather fond of them, having a great affinity for them like none other Mattias had ever seen.


Years have passed since then, and Silver has grown in both form and spirit. She travels the world, hunting anything she wants, but lately taken a favor to slaying the brood of the black flight. She is always in the company of her many cats, from small to large, through thick and thin.


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