Siabi's Smoking Club
Faction Alliance
Guild Type Roleplaying
RP Level
Guild Master
Contacts Tai Jiang
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    Apothecary smoking pipe

Siabi's Smoking Club Edit

Wednesday Nights, 9 to midnight in the Mystic Ward, Ironforge

No one enjoyed a good cigar more than Fras Siabi, the smoke shop owner in Stratholme who refused to let something like the Scourge invasion separate him from his vaunted tobacco.[1] In honor of his dedication, Gray Tiger Shipping & Freight hosts a weekly gathering in a vacant house in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge.

Each Wednesday, the hosts quietly convert the house into a club, with cloth-draped divans and plush chairs, where patrons can come and enjoy a wide variety of the finest tobaccos harvested from around the world. Each week they feature a different selection of cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco and snuff. Some may enjoy the smooth smokiness of the honeyed tobacco in the hookah.

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Rumor has it that, in addition to a good smoke and good conversation, some patrons choose to test their luck in various games of chance. Given the concern some legal authorities have about such things, that has remained only a rumor.

After midnight, the club shuts down, the spittoons are cleaned and collected, the hookah is packed up, the house is returned to its normally drab state, and the neighborhood is quiet - until the following Wednesday when it all happens again.


Out of Character Information

We are hoping to provide another reliable place and time where folks can find RP. The premise of a smoking club is to provide a venue where anyone can come up with an IC reason for being there. This is simply a venue where players should feel that they can come and get some RP interaction. We will do our best and encourage others to do the same, but patience is appreciated especially if there are a lot of characters present.

The smoking club is not intended to be illegal (though we're open to creative ways that a club like this might break the law), though illegal activities may (ok, *will*) occur at the club. We do ICly try to keep things reasonably calm in the club so that the neighbors don't complain.

We'll update as this idea evolves and we get more input/criticisms/suggestions. Please feel free to use the talk portion of this article to throw around ideas.

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