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The Shield of Life for The Red Dragon Flight


Name: Deciuss Lothar

Race: Human

Age: 28

Eyes: Brown, but when looking deep into a person's eyes, his eyes begin to glow, forcing him to wear his helm.

Hair: Brown (Either in a ponytail or all down.)

Birthplace: Stormwind (Mid-reconstruction)

Family Origin: Arathi Kingdom (Before Fall)


Born in Stormwind, slightly after its mighty fall, Deciuss was brought up by his mother, and only his mother. His father, sometime before he was born, walked out upon his mother, never giving Deciuss the chance he wanted to at least meet with his father. His mother soon died of a terrible plague, not of undeath, but of natural accord. He was soon forced to raise him self in his earlier teenage years, fending for life, food, and shelter all on his own. He soon found a way to escape his troubled life, by signing his soul to the light, headed by the Cathedral, to serve their cause until his dying day. His victories and deeds over the years had been heralded by the Cathedral, allowing Deciuss to move up in rank within the cathedrals halls. His title, however, did not come from slaughtering the undeath that plague the north, but how he kindles life, and how he still, to this day, picks up his shield to defend it.

The Shield of Life For The Red Dragon FlightEdit

All know the Red Dragon Flight to be the source of all life, as the aspect of such resides within this flight. All though Deciuss had been raised as a Bastard Child, he has always come out of his way to defend those who still live, not allowing age, background, or belief, stand in his way of helping them retain it. He cares about all life, putting it in front of his own, believing that if there is at least one to defend such virtue, then it shall sustain.He has also been noted for his talent of seeing into the souls of others, after taking a look within their eyes. This is only noticeable when his eyes begin to glow, forcing him to wear the helm he has picked up over the years. The cathedral, after seeing this, rightly named him after the Dragon flight in which life has reigned supreme in their virtue. Deciuss represents this, reflecting the shield that sustains such belief and the eyes that behold it.


Deciuss is a very kind soul, not allowing much to temper him, unless his stress level has surpassed him to pick up an ale. His smile is always seen as he walks around, being gentle with anything, and everything, that comes along his way.

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