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Shazgonk at a glance[]

Full Name: Shazimus Mordechai Gonkenstein III

Nicknames: Shaz (or sometimes The Shaz), Shazzie, Shazzie G

Alternate Identities: The Underpants Ork, Rear Admiral Shaz, Farmer Shaz

Family: Dadgonk (father, presumed deceased), Momgonk (mother, living on a beach in Southern Kalimdor that she refers to as "Boca"), Snazgonk, Spazgonk, Amygonk, Throbgore (adopted)

Guild: Cult of Throbgore

Race: Orc

Class: Hunter

Alignment: Neutral Stupid

Height: *holds his hand over his head* Me dis tall!

Weight: *picks up a rock* Me dis heavy!


Shazgonk is an idiot. He's a lovable idiot, but he's still dumber than dirt. He enjoys spending his time in the wilds with his ape companion, Donkeygonk. He also likes to spend time in Orgrimmar spreading the teachings of Throbgore (who happens to be his adoptive brother). Occasionally, he creates an alternate persona based on a set of clothing he finds. A perfect example is The Underpants Ork. To transform into Underpants Ork, Shaz wears his cape (and only his cape) then runs around Orgrimmar. These episodes are usually accompanied by assorted headshakings and embarassed mutters from his companions.


Shazgonk was born shortly before the end of the second War, and spent his formative years in the internment camps. His Dadgonk either disappeared or was killed during this period, so Shaz, along with his siblings, was raised by his Momgonk. When he was several years old, his older cousin Throbgore was adopted by Momgonk. The two orclings soon developed a strong bond of friendship that continues to this day. Shazgonk's worship of his "brudder" eventually played a role in the creation of the Cult of Throbgore.