Shaw Ashecroft
Shaw aim.jpg
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Shaw
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Class Rogue
Guild Tears of Draenor
Professions Leatherworking, Skinning
IC Info
Nicknames Shaw
Title Pathfinder, Ranger

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Shaw Ashecroft
  • Title: Pathfinder, Ranger
  • Race: Undead (Forsaken)
  • Faction: Horde
  • Guild: Tears of Draenor
  • Origin: Duskwood

Appearance[edit | edit source]

This undead human is dressed in weathered leathers, smelling of forest leaves and bark. The quiver on his back denotes elven workmanship, his fletchings are crimson in color.

  • Height: Five feet, 11 inches
  • Weight: approx. 140 lbs.
  • Hair: Mostly bald with a blackish-grey ponytail
  • Eyes: Bright yellow glow
  • Skin: Pale with a blueish cast
  • Age: ??? (33 when plagued)

History[edit | edit source]

  • (see OCC notes)

Alignment/Personality/Tidbits[edit | edit source]

  • (see OCC notes)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with a Lawful slant
  • Shaw tends to be a helpful sort to both Alliance and Horde, making a more narrowing distinction if Horde settlements are attacked.
  • Forests and living places are more to his liking, urban locales are too "confining" for long periods.
  • The Undercity he has little desire to "visit", keeping his time there brief.
  • Duskwood is a place Shaw is protective of, as well as many wooded areas.
  • Worgen, or Wolf-folk are a particular target of his in Duskwood, undead and Venture lackeys falling a very close second.
  • Still retains a huge chunk of his humanity and "previous" life. Still considers himself "human" in most ways and tries to help passersby and those in need just as he did before his "death". Obviously this can be a "double edged" sword on his outlook and mental focus.
  • Shaw sometimes will lose his sense of time unless focused.
  • Regards the Tauren highly for their pursuit of aid to the undead and their connection with nature.
  • Some affinity to High Elves and Farstriders, in regards to his mentor.
  • Though a bit weakened in his tracking and archery skills, he makes up for it with swordfighting.

OOC Notes[edit | edit source]

Though Shaw is a "Rogue" by game mechanics, he is being played as a variant of an oldschool D&D ranger. The concept is basically there, just with a Warcraft slant to it. *grin*

As far as the history, traits and such - alot of this is of course unknown to most folks. My belief is that one can get the "full" story via role-playing and spending time with a character. However I will expand on this soon to help curious folks OOCly understand what Shaw is about.

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