Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Shaurå
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Female
Class Hunter
Guild House Nightstone
Professions Skinning, Leatherworking
IC Info
Title Servant of Lady Nightstone
Hair Purple
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description[]

Shaurå is unremarkable for a Night Elf. Her purple hair is styled simply, and she bears none of the facial markings that many others have chosen. Shaura is never without her bow, quiver, and a fishing pole.


Shaurå is a Night Elf without prejudice. Though aligned with the Alliance by birth, she has no quarrel with any race of the Alliance or Horde. Since spending time with the Stray, she has accepted the loss of her former life and begun to make new memories with her friends.
Fiercely protective of her family and those she loves, Shaurå is driven by a big heart and a compassion for all of the creatures of Azeroth. Clandestine, a large Crag Stalker from Thousand Needles, is her constant companion. Almost without fail, Shaurå will not frequent an establishment in which the great yellow cat is not welcome. Far more perceptive of animal body language than the body language of people, she tends toward overreacting and ends up apologizing a lot.
Talkative in small groups, she quickly clams up if there are more than two or three people around. This is mainly an attempt to engage in some kind of damage control as she struggles to reign in her own emotions. She has notoriously bad luck with first impressions, especially where males are involved.


Shaurå's last memory as a Chrystle Knight was the Scourge attacking Elewyn Forest and of defending the new Alliance recruits stationed there. She received a heavy blow to the head and, upon waking, could no longer locate any of the members of her order. She was also unable to locate or contact Edglar, her beloved Gnome mage companion. Her guild tabard, which she always wore with pride, no longer bore the ivory crown of the Knights on a blue field but was simply solid grey. Alone and very confused, she began wandering Azeroth, looking for her family. She set out over the seas to Northrend and soon encountered the peaceful Tuskarr. Seeking a place to call home, she threw herself into the task of gaining the trust of the Kalu'ak.
Sent by the Elders of the Kalu'ak on a quest to find herself among "others like her", Shaurå crossed paths with several members of the Stråy. Finding kindred spirits who understood her plight, Shaurå aligned herself with them and proudly wore their tabard. She formerly worked at the Lone Wolf tavern in Duskwood but has since taken up employment within Stormwind. It's quite common to see Shaurå out and about in Stormwind, usually in the company of Clandestine and often on business for Lady Nightstone.

OOC Info[]

Regarding the above - Shaurå was transferred from another server in late 2008, and I'm using that as a basis for her history.