The Shattered Legion

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Guild Leader: Khalsin (Emperitor)
  • Contact Person/Method: Khalsin- (E-mail: Whispers: Secave, Tecklis, Tairen, Lagariman
  • RP "Newbie" friendly: Yes

Focus/Mindset[edit | edit source]

Devoted to PvP raids on Forsaken establishments and frequent PvE raids on Scourge/Scarlet Crusade dungeons. The guild's storyline goal is to avenge the fate of Azeroth and to wipe the scourge/forsaken from the surface of the planet.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Player must be age 14+

Raiding focus[edit | edit source]

Raids are conducted wherever and whenever needed (perhaps for quest items, etc), and usually executed to help a guild member with a quest or the like. Once the guild has grown, this will shift more toward the guild's storyline/diplomatic stance.

Other info[edit | edit source]

The Legion is based heavily upon several core virtues, which include Honor, cooperation, determination, and wisdom. The guild prides itself in upholding these virtues; and also stresses "mutual progress", a concept of integrated cooperation amongst members, where members provide tradesmen with excess supplies they may find, and tradesmen return the favor by granting them with enchantments, equipment, etc. This empowers all guild members helps to form a web of support which enhances the growth and progress of each individual as well as the entire Legion.

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