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Shadowed Hand

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Lady Sharamoon, My second in commands are: Felin, Gintsume

Guild Website: ((still under construction))

Contact Person/Method: Sharamoon, Felin or gint via in game mail please Recruiting Status: Open to all but most tend to also end up creating a rogue in our guild too as the ratio is something of 3:1

RP "Newbie"- Friendly: Yes, We are either foolish or kind which ever you prefer but we even randomly help other people we dont know, including full Deadmines runs cause we like helping people so I can assure you will be helped.


A Guild of mainly Rogues whose background is Assassins for hire. However, we have been having trouble finding people to hire us. We also do BG of all sorts and random small raids of towns for fun. Just a bunch of us who like to talk, mess about and have fun.


None except a fun personality and patience as the guild is still growing. Also intrest in assassination side of RP plots would be useful. Raiding Interest: Lows- meduim highs mostly, we dont currently have the manpower for full high end instances, we usualy join up with a guild ally on their runs or guild friends. We also cause the bit of havoc here and there, Razor hill being one of our faves :D ((no offence to horde but your guards are so low lvl there just makes you wanna rampage the town :D, your welcome to do it back))

Other Info:[]

If your looking for an RP Assassins guild and you have a good fun personality we are currently working on our site to amp the assassin aspect of it as it was originaly intentioned.