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Shadow Brigade

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Sir Windspirit & Lady Diamondheart

Guild Website:

Guild Forum:

Contact Person/Method: Sirs Windspirit, Steelstriker, Smeeve or Ladies Diamondheart or Usagisan Recruiting Status: Open by Invitation Only

RP "Newbie"- Friendly: Yes


Cooperative guild with chaotic good intent. Respect upon the battle field and off is expected and given.


No minimum player level, No Class/Race Exceptions. No 1337 speak allowed. Varifiable reports of Ninja Looting will result in expulsion from the guild.

Raiding Interest:[]

Casual raiding as the guild is meant for a more family related or time limited player. Low end instance walk-thrus provided by senior members in the guild. High End Instances available three times a week. Battlegrounds is available to the Penumbra Company members in the Brigade.

Other Info:[]

Guild bank available. Team Speak server available for raiding and guild cohesion. All members of the guild are expected to act in a respectable manner. Friendship is one of the main ingredients of this guild.