Scourge Bane
Faction Alliance
Guild Type Raiding/Roleplay
RP Level Light Roleplay
Size Small
Guild Master Merlet
Contacts Monroe, Merlet Darkendale Hexxen
Website Link
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((This is still under construction, please bear with me. Life's been a little hectic lately.))

Who are we?

Scourge Bane is a Raiding Guild with a numerous amount of role players. We are the evolution of Honor and Valor once the drama had been stripped away and reformed into this guild. Because of this we have the same prestige and ability to take down difficult enemies without the hissy fit of wiping. We're laid back and enjoy each other's company.

Who are we IC?

ICly we are a branch of the Argent Crusade specializing in tough missions working with the Ashen Verdict to infiltrate and destroy the Scourge from inside the Citadel and other hot spots around Northrend.

Because Scourge Bane has an alliance charter it also takes part in battles against the Horde. While this is a secondary role it is something some of the members take with great pride.

Rules to Join

We enjoy clearing content but we also like to have fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously.

You must be mature, patient, understand your class, have experience with instancing and raiding and able to attend a majority of our raids.

You must be able to follow orders and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly.

You must have ventrilo, if you have a microphone, you can use it but also know when to pipe down.

You must not: complain, moan, cry, whine or otherwise bring any negativity to the raid, be selfish with loot or afk during raids.

Above all else, you MUST treat others with a modicum of respect. Disrespect will lead to your removal from Scourge Bane post haste.

Simply put, we are looking for nice people, skilled players who genuinely enjoy raiding and progress, outstanding players in terms of SKILL, COMMUNICATION, and COMMITMENT. There is a seriously low tolerance for general stupidity, asshatery, drama and disrespect. If you are invited, we expect you represent the guild in a positive light at all times.

Who do I contact? You can contact the Guild Leader: Merlet / Glowren or Monroe the guild recruitment officer in game.

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