Guild Type: Moderate Roleplay
Founded: December 13, 2004
Active (reorganized as TSO) Since: January 19, 2005
Raiding Affiliation: ERGA

Guild Leadership

Founders (Active): Maticore, Krinia, Abuterfas, Rytherion, Oddeye, Iole, Veloz
Founders (Emeritus): Constiana, Git, Ulthar, Garanthir, Paxton, Ava, Joros, Idaru, Trixan, Devalyn
Elders: Adel, Fellan, Andarsis, Frell, Medaho, Otouto, Phoren
The leadership structure is effectively conciliar, with authority divided equally among all founders. The number of founders is held approximately constant at ten. Decisions are made on a consensus basis.

Guild History and Synopsis

After the fall of Lordaeron, survivors of the shattered Knights of the Silver Hand took refuge in the few fortresses and bastions still untouched by the invading Scourge, reforming into the militant Scarlet Crusade. Initially the Crusade (under Grand Crusader Morgraine, the celebrated "Ashbringer") was honorable, though fiercely zealous, and sent emissaries and recruiters to the distant lands of Stormwind and Kalimdor to seek new recruits. As their assaults on Northrend faltered and their champions were cut down in battle, however, the fortified communities of Crusaders became radicalized and paranoid, drifting further and further into irrational fanaticism. Those who had rallied to the banner of the Crusade were attacked on sight even as they came north to offer their aid.

At the request of the Throne of Stormwind - increasingly alarmed by the aberrant behavior of the Crusaders - the Scarlet Crusade chapers in in the southern lands were reorganized as the Scarlet Order, dedicated to the same original principle of protecting those threatened by the expansion of the Scourge and restoring the fallen human and elven kingdoms of the north.

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