Sakiri Flamefist
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Sakiri
Faction Horde
Race Orc
Gender Female
Class Shaman
Guild Dragonreaver Clan
Professions Alchemy and Herbalism
IC Info
Nicknames None
Title High-Shaman
Age 17
Height 5'9"
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Skin Pale Green
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

This young orc is very muscular for a shaman, looking more like a warrior than a wielder of the elements. She sports some recent scars on her arms, and her battle garb is a set of battered and scratched mail.

She stands a bit short for an orc, and has long, brown hair that is often braided into a tail. She is without piercings, and a close inspection of her skin will reveal that she's probably never had any.

Her belly is fairly large and can be seen even under her fur dress, indicating that she's carrying younglings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sakiri is a young Orcess that loves action, she is very quick to act and will charge head first into a battle without any hesitation, sometimes without first consulting with her Chieftain. Easily angered and provoked, she is not a soft flower in any way, her training with the veteran warriors of her clan has made her a disciplined and wise fighter. Finding time between her duties and her training to keep her connection with the elements, she is also capable of caring for and healing her friends and allies, although she rarely uses her healing powers on a battlefield. She prefers to bring the might of the elements directly to the front line and jump into the action with her favorite weapon, the axe.

History[edit | edit source]

Born at the internment camp now know as Hammerfall, she was trained in Shamanism at a young age by her mother until she passed away.

She kept the honor-name of her father who died when she was still only a baby.

The day Sakiri heard that there were a group of Orcs re-forming the scattered Dragonmaw Clan, that of which her mother and father were once a part of, she eagerly set forth to join. Once she had joined the Dragonreaver Clan, she quickly rose in rank, displaying her powers over the elements, claiming the role of High-Shaman as her own.

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