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Saidivh Bedwyr (Say-div Bed-ver)

Also known as: Sir, Lieutenant

Title: Scarlet Lt. Commander

Vital Stats

Race: Human

Age: 35-40ish

Class: Paladin/Holy Warrior

Sex: Male

Hair: Black with hints of grey.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 200 or so depending on whether or not he has armor, and what kind.

Height: 6'5


Saidivh is tall, and carries himself with the confidence of a nobleman, or a skilled fighter. His shield he always carries on him, hanging across his back by a strap, while his longsword hangs in a wooden sheath at his side. His warhorse, Urien, holds his spear in a leather holster on the saddle.


Saidivh was born as the son of a cobbler in Pyrewood Village, in Silverpine forest. When he had nearly come of age he joined the Alliance military as a footman recruit. After a few years of vigorous training, he was assigned to Prince Arthas' party to investigate Blackrock orc activities near Strahnbrad, along with Uther the Lightbringer.

After the Blackrock battles at Strahnbrad, Saidivh found himself assigned to Prince Arthas' party once again, to accompany lady Jaina Proudmoore to investigate a plauge in the Northern Reaches of Lordaeron. After several encounters with the savage undead, they arrived in Hearthglen. Saidivh aided in the defense by managing the northern barricade.

Once victory had been achieved in Hearthglen, Saidivh returned home to Silverpine where he was promoted, and then devoted his life to the Church of the Light, and joined the Knights of the Silver Hand as a page. He stayed at the local chapels until Lordaeron's fall, where he then joined the Scarlet Crusade, and worked his way up the ranks to Captain. To this day Saidivh still fights for the Crusade...