Earthen Ring Wiki

The Sacred Order of Dawn

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Sithrade and Clementime


Contact Person/Method: In-game mail or tells to Clementime, or Sithrade

Recruiting Status: Open

RP Newbie-Friendly: Open to everyone, including non-experienced RPers who are willing to try and learn. As long as you are willing we welcome you.

Focus/Mindset: As a collective guild we are currently neutral on the stance of PVP and horde opposition. One of our main reasons for making the guild is to welcome new players and to help contribute to the RP community. As for the IC guild, we offer a haven and a small, tight-knit fellowship for players. No member will be admitted without knowing them fairly well.

Requirements/Restrictions: None, accept a willingness to adhere to IC roles.

Raiding Interest: This will be determined later, when some of our members are actually of appropriate levels.