Basic InformationEdit

  • Leaders: Leadership
  • Website: None
  • SASU: Swords and Spells United.


SASU is a guild coalition, meant to ease the access of the members of smaller guilds to high-end content, provide a larger social group, quality quest partners, and a collective and beneficial pooling of resources that would be impossible for our member guilds to provide alone. As such, the preservation of its member-guilds' status and integrity is also one of its prime objectives.

SASU was formed to provide smaller guilds access to a larger pool of people, activities, raids, resources, and end game content. Our member guilds are usually smaller and RP based, but range from pure in-character RP to a gaggle of real life friends who hang out in game. For whatever reasons, we don't want to leave our guilds to join a big raiding guild.


Individuals interested in becoming SASU members, or Guildmasters interested in having their guild become a SASU guild, should both refer to "Joining SASU". Applicants will need to be familiar with the SASU Rules of Conduct.

Requirements for joining SASU are primarily concerned with attitude. There are not explicit level or gear requirements to become a SASU member; there are multiple raids run by SASU members, and gear requirements are set by the individual Raid Leaders, and so will vary from raid to raid. Thus, your gear will be checked when you sign up for specific raids, not when you apply to become a SASU member.

Miscellaneous NotesEdit

A <Swords and Spells United> guild was created in anticipation of Guild Banks to be introduced in Patch 2.3. However, it remains SASU policy that you do not have to leave your guild (or leave your unguilded status) to become a SASU member.

At least one member of SASU roleplays that SASU is an ICly existing organization of Alliance privateers. However, this point-of-view does not have widespread consensus. The organization itself is roleplay-friendly, but has OOCly neither approved nor disapproved an In-Character backstory for itself. Consequently, at the present time, In-Character claims about the In-Character nature of SASU may vary depending upon who in SASU one is roleplaying with.