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Rudhredion Nightoak
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Rudhredion Nightoak
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Male
Class Druid
Guild House Nightstone
IC Info
Nicknames none
Title Philosopher, Druid of the Claw
Age 325
Height 7'2"
Hair White
Eyes Gold
Skin Pale Blue
Alignment Chaotic Good


"If tomorrow is to come and we are to have hope than I must continue down this path. Those who stand against me may be stronger and I may be untested, but that my friend is fate. I smile at fate" - Rudhredion Nightoak

Rudhredion is rather open for a druid and enjoys discussing matters of religion, nature, and politics with those he comes across. Often he can be found wondering the major capital cities of Azeroth in his traditional garb. It is upon closer inspection that one might realize however that his long and frequent journeys also add to a slight amount of dirt to the bottom of his feet from time to time.

If you really take the time to inspect the druid you would find that the light skinned elf stand's roughly at 7'2 and weighs close to 270 lbs, all muscle and well built. His hair is white and kept short, except for the front where it extends to a beard.