Guild Leader/Founders:[edit | edit source]

Fennedora, Hamilli, Mure & Shaddowkin

Contact Person/Method:[edit | edit source]

PST to one of the above founders.

Recruiting Status:[edit | edit source]


RP "Newbie" - Friendly:[edit | edit source]


Focus/Mindset:[edit | edit source]

Helping everyone of our guildmembers level and get items they need to be successful. The Royal Highland Guard focuses on the preservation of the Alliance and will do what is asked to help turn the tide of battle. Although not too many of our forces are yet engaged with the Horde we do like to occasionly meet their forces on the Battlegrounds.

Requirements/Restrictions:[edit | edit source]

There is a 2 week initiate phase to see how you react to the different members and how you play overall. No level restrictions. Beggers and thieves are not welcomed and will be promptly kicked.

Raiding Interest:[edit | edit source]

Currently we have only a few 60s and are slowing building our group to do lower instances. There is interest in getting to the higher end stuff, but we are still too small to attempt that as of yet.

Other:[edit | edit source]

Although we will not force you to RP within guildchat, but highly recommend it to anyone outside the guild.

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