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Guild Website[]

Contact Person/Method:[]

Contact Raga in-game or post on our site. Recruiting Status: Currently recruiting - any class, level, Alliance race, trade - most important aspect to applicant is that he/she fit with the culture of the RGS.

RP "Newbie"- Friendly:[]

Yes - so long as the newbs buy the vets beer.


The Royal Geographic Society (RGS) is a themed RP guild for characters that are explorers, wanderers, scientists, collectors, and sportsmen. The Royal Geographic Societys central mission is to promote the exploration of Azeroth and the unlocking of its mysteries. The guild houses many clubs that sponsor most of the guilds events and activities. We are active in all aspects of WoW game-play - PvE, PvP, crafting, running instances, etc. We are a guild of good-natured folks who want to enjoy our time gaming as we enjoy each others company. If we had to put a label on the RGS play style it would be walk, dont run, that is that we prefer to savor the game as much as possible. Most of us are in WoW for the long haul and we want to keep the game enjoyable. We try to maintain a positive attitude and to always be a benefit to the ER community as a whole.



Raiding Interest:[]

Low End Instance, High End Instance, Battlegrounds, and Horde. We enjoy our PvP but believe being sportsmen is more important than winning. As far as instances go, we really try make the instances an experience, something fun and memorable.