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Rossalyn Kinncaid
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Rossalyn
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Warrior
Guild The Jesters
Professions Mercenary and Bounty Hunter
IC Info
Nicknames Rosie
Title Hellion
Age 31
Height 5'3"
Hair Red
Eyes Emerald
Skin Fair
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description

Rossalyn is short in stature, with a thin yet muscular build. Alabaster skin stretches smoothly over her frame, giving her the look of a uniquely carved statue. Firey red locks fall wildly about her face, accentuating her soft coral hued lips and a smattering of freckles that dusts the bridge of her nose. The complete package of this young woman's features is one of innocence, save for one detail...her eyes. Wide emerald orbs, surrounded by thick lashes, stare piercingly through you...rending you in half....leaving you bereft...


To pin this woman with one specific personality type, would be completely inaccurate. Outwardly, Rossalyn appears hard as stone, cold, and on occasion...arrogant. Publicly she is often loud, devilish, and brimming with anger. Those who know her on a more personal level, might actually catch a glimpse of someone sweet. Innocence and hope lie close to the surface,a testimony to the young girl she once was, and mostly overshadowed by her harsher attributes. Perhaps the largest part of her personality, the part hidden so deeply in the farthest corners of her soul that it hasn't been seen by any except one other, is a deep and unyielding love.


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