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The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Romsgot
Faction Alliance
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Guild Gray Tiger Tong
IC Info
Nicknames Roms
Age 72
Height 4' 3"
Hair Bald
Eyes Green
Skin White


Romsgot keeps to himself but does his best to get along with folks. He plays by the rules and keeps his head down. Nowadays, those rules are made up the Tong.


Romsgot reported the following history to Wig'cik when applying to work for a job.

I grew up in Ironforge some seven decades ago, and got a job with an archaelogy outfit, led by a cranky old bastard name of Baradun. I'm fair to midling when it comes to balancing and heights, and they needed someone who could get across some of the ledges down in the ruins.

Romsgot dealing with a problem.

It was good work and paid well. Baradun appreciated history but was not averse to keeping the occassional rare artifact for "personal enjoyment". It's safe to say that not every find made it back to the Hall of Explorers. That line of work kept me busy right through the wars. Baradun figured that the Explores League was a mite too busy too worry about grave robbing, and he was right. At least, he was until the last war ended. When we got word a detachment was coming to pay us a visit, we all parted ways.

Recently I've been just trying to make a living. I've made a few mistakes but I'm handy with a blade, know a bit about historical artifacts, know how to keep my mouth shut, and I do what I'm told.

Anyone with access to the records of the Stockades in Stormwind would see that he was released this summer after serving time for a B&E.