Earthen Ring Wiki

Basic Information[]

  • Full Name: Gerenzo Renchwhistle
  • In-Game: Renchwhistle
  • Nickname: Rench
  • Race: Gnome
  • Professions: Superior Tailor, Engineer, Designer and Researcher
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description[]

  • Age: 123 (Approximately 41 in human years)
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Darkish Brown
  • Eyes: Deep Violet
  • Weight: 54 lb.
  • Height: 3' 2"


About your standard gnome, Renchwhistle keeps his beard well groomed along with other facial hair. His expressions are usually a smirk, grin or no expression at all. Well tanned and without many surprising features his skin is in its prime. Hair at a darkish brown he usually keeps a canister on him, popping a pill into his mouth ever two or three hours. Dressed in the finest of tailoring, his clothing matches himself in almost every aspect. One ring dots his finger, it carries the seal of his family. A large wrench crossed by a whistle.


Renchwhistle is a lot like the usual business-man. Friendly, quick to smile or chuckle. But always aware of competition and those who would compromise his employer, Langley and his business Langley Firearms. He always seems to be watching his back. Keeping his suit in prime condition, he walks the streets of Stormwind or Ironforge. Ready for the next customer.


Born in the year 567, Renchwhistle was named Gearnezmo Inquirey. After his grandfather, Gearnezma. Living in not the best of homes in Gnomeregan wasn't exactly what you would call.. fun. Working hard to keep himself a part of the family Renchwhistle had a knack for finding a weird idea, and putting it to devilish uses. As his years went by, Gnomeregan was conquered by the troggs due to the Gnome's erratic way of thought. Fleeing for the hills with his one-time friend Talvash, meeting up with his mother also. After finding the remains of his father in the now trogg-infested gnomeregan, Renchwhistle's mother remarried to a dwarf by the name of Ragnar Silvermug. His son, Rugnarr and Daughter Maria bonded immediately with Renchwhistle. Happy days returned to his life. This was shattered later when his step-father had a sudden heart attack and died shortly after in the Stormwind Cathedral. His mother, grief-stricken, locked herself in her room for a month. At this time, Renchwhistle sought out a better life, disappearing into Dalaran for five years. After returning with a degree in pyromancy he found his brother had taken a shady life and also joined the crusade. Devastated, he found himself enraged and did horrid things. Blackmailing his brother and attacking the tong which had corrupted him. Rugnarr was soon left jobless when the tong found it unnecessary to keep such a troublesome member. Rugnarr's current job is unknown.

After helping his brother find a better path in life. Renchwhistle moved on and joined Langley Firearms where he works to this day. Designing and creating weird wonders of engineering and tailoring.