Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Reims
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Guild Grey Tiger Tong
Professions Skinning things and picking useful plants
IC Info
Nicknames Reims
Title Tiger Claw
Age Unknown
Height Average
Hair Black
Eyes Glowing yellow
Skin Greyish
Alignment Neutral Evil

Physical Description[]

The rotting skin and glowing yellow eyes are enough to unnerve even his closest living companions but the thing that disturbs folks the most is his missing lower jaw. Sensible to this, he is now almost never seen without the bandana that covers the grotesque lower half of his face. He is also incapable of speaking any languages other than Gutterspeak and even there is only able to gurgle out a couple of words at a time. He sometimes communicates with others by writing on a small slate that he keeps handy.


Reims seems to enjoy his work with the shipping company. Whether it's transporting goods or one of the more unsavory tasks he does his job with competence and efficency. He tends to stay quiet due to his speech problems but those who've gotten to know him can attest to his cynical (if practical) nature and his black sense of humour. He is intelligent and perceptive, and his naturally stealthy nature means he is often called upon to perform "sensitive" jobs.


Reims was once young and dashing, however, he met with misadventure and was buried in a traitors grave. Years passed, and he finally rose, luckily free of the Litch King's grasp. Upon rising, he was taught to speak the language of the Forsaken and learned their laws and place in the world. He sought out his former employers, and using an old codename, Reims, was able to reconnect with their descendents. They suggested that rather than spy for them, he ought to use his talents to aid their allies in Shipping. The Grey Tigers were mentioned and his application was sent. The rest is a story waiting to be written.