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Rapha Rainsong

"Though the leaves may fall, and the trunks collapse, new life blooms in rot and mould to worship the sun once more."
- Maski Rainsong

Basic Information[]

  • Full Name: Rapha Rainsong
  • Nicknames: Rapha, Raph, The Gentle Giant, Nocturnal Bull
  • Race: Tauren
  • Class: Druid
  • Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy, Animist Blessings


"There's not a thing to be frightened of in the world, when you stand beside true friends and allies."
- Rapha Rainsong


"You're a fool and a coward. You'll find nothing but failure until you stop dreamin' and pick up an axe!"
- Elder Duskhorn

The full recounting of Rapha's early history can be read in the story "Rainsong".

Friends and Companions[]


"That's umm... er.. quite an, umm.. beast you've got there!"
"Have? I don't have a thing. Her name is Pebbles. Why don't you tell her yourself?"
- Conversation between Rapha and Rukin of Bostrus

"Friendship crosses all boundaries - race, clan, or otherwise."
- Sister Druid Amanli (paraphrased)

"I will dream, and someday I will return."
- Sister Druid Ishoda

Clan Affiliation[]

"As of this day, the Claws are officially disbanded..."
- Peacemaker, former Chief of Claws of the Earthmother

"Storm, Earth, and Fire, heed my call!"
- Kadingo, StormMaster of "Storm Earth and Fire"