Rangers of the Mark

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Llamcryf, son of Maddarc

Website: http://www.geocities.com/liamohooligan/Rangers.html

Contact Person/Method: In game tell OR sign the guestbook/blog at the website

Recruiting Status: Open but selective.

RP Newbie-Friendly: Yes

Focus/Mindset: The Rangers serve the young king as scouts and border warders. While our duties call us often into the Horde lands, our intentions are never cold blooded slaughter. We have no quarrel with the citizenry of the Horde.

Requirements/Restrictions: While the Rangers tend to be heavily peopled with Hunters, Rogues and Rangers, we will accept any into our band who fit our lifestyle and purpose.

Raiding Interest: Instanced adventures and battlegrounds from time to time.

Other Info: All are equal in the Rangers of the Mark. There is but one title that even I, Llamcryf take and that is Ranger. Once you have been accepted by the troop, you will gain the ability to invite others into our group. We moot (gather) now and again but never in the same place and always in the wilds. As a Ranger, we strive to aid others and go out of our way to encourage RP and good actions. Any OOC should be enclosed by ((...))

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