Basics Edit

Name: Ramlas Kurzen
Guild: Sunder
Nicknames: Ram
Title: Master Sergeant
Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age & Gender: 36 & Female
Hair & Eyes: Lustrous Black & Hazel
Height & Weight: 5'8", 150 lbs
Garments: Simple clothes, mended many times. The occasional demur dress on occasions where appropriate, which changes her appearance A LOT. She cares for her armor and weapons, and is a very clean person, but has got a farm girl/tomboy feel to her garments.

History Edit

Little is known about her, as she is a very private person. Others that know her, know that she has taken a keen interest in the history of Stranglethorn Vale, and of the dark skinned humans that once lived in the jungles there. Most know that she was orphaned in the War, but she avoids the topic if brought up. She was raised in Northshire Abbey, and seems to share the same last name the former leader of expeditionary force in Stranglethorn.

She seems rather awed by elves and has a soft spot for Tauren, going so far as to avoid attacking them (especially druidic ones), at the same time, she will go out of her way to try and destroy the undead and demonic. She has no use for politics, national pride, or of god worship. She fights the Horde only because they fight against the followers of the Light, but has no particular animosity towards them.

Personality Edit

She has a sardonic side that only appears with people she is comfortable with... which are few. She is otherwise a quiet person, although not shy. She is a very independent person, and respects the need for space and letting others make their own decisions. She only seems to ask for help when she is desperate for it, but in asking she will never push the request. She makes every effort to be polite, to the point of coming off as formal and rigid.

Her personality shifts when she is out in the field on a mission. She certainly seems to be in here element once away from civilized lands. She is very focused on the goal at hand, and is relentless. In these circumstance, when working with others she may be stubborn and outspoken when she has decided that the situation is important.

She knows herself well and is obviously comfortable with being in her own skin. She knows her own limitations and seeks to explore the aspects of others to better utilize their assets. She is a true believer in the Light, but doesn't seems to preach the philosophy of the Trinity, but rather, let's her actions speak as an example of her faith.

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