OOC Game Stats
Game Name Rakmara
Faction Horde
Race Orc
Gender Female
Class Shaman
Guild Tears of Draenor
IC Info
Title Shaman of the Frostwolf
Age 19
Height 6'3"
Hair White
Eyes Green and Blue
Skin Olive
Alignment Chaotic Good

Rakmara Iceshadow is a young shaman from the Frostwolf clan and a member of Thrall's New Horde. She was born and raised on Azeroth, in the secluded and snowy mountains of Alterac. It was not until Thrall was reunited with his clan did she learn of the happenings ]of outside world. After Thrall freed his people from the slave camps and journeyed to Durotar to make his new capital, Rakmara decided to follow the call of the Spirits and left her home with her brother Golth to join the newly-reformed armies of the Horde and protect her people.

Early Life

Rakmara and her older brother Golth were raised among the Frostwolf Clan in Alterac Valley. Life was harsh and the clan was small, but the Frostwolves were at least safe from the imprisonment suffered by thier brethren, and their alliance with the white wolves that shared the valley as their home allowed the clan to hunt and prosper in the treacherous environment. Led by the Farseer Drek'thar, the only shaman left to the orc race, the Frostwolves also held a sacred bond with the earth and other wildlife.

Orphaned very young, which was not uncommon for orc children during this age, Rakmara's mother Rak'liem died shortly after giving birth to Rakmara, and her father, Rezkram Iceshadow, died while hunting the terrible yeti Iceshadow. Both Golth and Rakmara took up their father's last name in honor of his great deed of defending his clan to the death. After that, the clan as a whole took on the duty of raising them along with the wise guidance of their Chieftan, Drek'thar.

Joining the Horde

After Thrall was reunited with the Frostwolf clan and freed the other orcs from the human's internment camps, he then set foot to Durotar to raise his new capitol of Orgrimmar and rebuild the Horde. The Spirits had returned to the orcs due to the efforts of their brave young Warchief, and Rakmara found that they also had began to speak to her. Following Thrall and Drek'thar's example, Rakmara chose the path of the Shaman and left her home to follow Thrall and serve her reunited people. She and her brother Golth were soon introduced to Grushnak of the Bleeding Hollow, who took them under his wing to teach them the ways of battles.

Current Adventures

After much battle, bloodshed and sacrifice, Rakmara has recently been appointed to the status of Farseer due to both her brave deeds and her dedication to the shamanistic path. Though she has defended Azeroth valiantly, many times almost sacrificing her own life in the effort, now a new threat has come to her people with the opening of the Dark Portal.


  • The Flame Touched - Authored by Rakmara
  • Iceshadow - Authored by Golth
  • Siblings of the Frostwolf - Authored by Golth
  • Honor of the Frostwolf - Authored by Golth
  • Rak'liem - Authored by Golth
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