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Rainfalle Sylvansong

In-Game: Rainfalle

Guild: Night Warden of the Moonwood Rangers


Race: Night Elf

Class: Hunter

Professions: Mining and Gnomish Engineering

Age: 320

Sex: Female

Hair: Vibrant Green

Eyes: Glowing gold

Weight: 190 lbs.

Height: 6'10"

Garments/Armor: The Ironhide armor set - black with deep-red highlights


Rainfalle appears to be very at ease almost all the time and, strangely enough for a Hunter, that includes being relaxed by in a city. She tends to have little bits of twigs and small leaves tangled in her hair - random enough to look like she's been outside too long, but not too wild enough to make you wonder if they were placed there. She either doesn't wear a helmet of any kind or wears a white mask to help her focus on sight moreso than other senses.


Her personality is a combination between serious and light-hearted in balance and at the same time. She has also been known to get almost feral sometime while fighting alongside one of her pets, especially in a more natural setting.


Little is known about Rainfalle's history since she is rather evasive of the subject. Rumors say that her lover was killed in the Battle of Mount Hyjal and that he fought bravely, but she will not talk about it when it is brought up.


Cúchulainn - A long-time companion of Rainfalle's. A fierce black lion that protects her with primal ferocity.

Morrigan - A ghost-white wolf that served as her companion for a long time before being let go to mate and give birth to a litter of puppies. Only recently has she returned to Rainfalle's side.

Arianrhod - The ghost of a spotted frostsaber she came across and attempted to help before it passed away. Because of her act of kindness after the frostsaber died, its spirit chose to attach itself to Rainfalle.