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Warning, The contents of this Journal have been rated Mature, please read at your own risk. All dates are using the human calendar, with the OOC year of 2005 being 619, beta being 618.

What lies in your hand is a small, hand bound journal with a purple cover. The pages are rough, evidence to the fact they are handmade. No title is on the cover, nor listed inside, but you can almost swear that the shadows that play along the creases of the book are thick and seem to move and flicker despite the light. The ink written on the pages seems to flow from one color to the next, almost as if changing with the mood of the writer.


September, 619[]

October, 619[]

November, 619[]

  • Nov 2 - Losing one's head

December, 619[]

January, 620[]

February, 620[]

March, 620[]

April, 620[]

June, 620[]

  • Jun 4 - Finding the Lost, Date is set
  • Jun 4 - Questions and Answers

July, 620[]

The Journal cuts off after the last entry dated July 27, 620. A few pages afterwards show some odd looking diagrams and glyphs, but the rest of the pages are untouched.

Due to In Character reasons I've had to have Peejee 'lose' her journal. I know who has it ICly, but if someone wants to RP with it, please contact me ingame and let me know what your idea is.