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What is an "Outdated" Article?[]

An outdated article is an article which has not been updated for a great length of time and is suspected to contain information no longer current to the topic. Pages with the "outdated" tag are typically those which the original creator(s) no longer updates, though some pages may be simply forgotten by the creator(s).

Pages with subjects that are dormant may sometimes not contain information explaining the status of the subject before dormancy, or the reason for dormancy, and are therefore considered outdated.

Using the Outdated Tag[]

If you believe an article is outdated, please add the following tag to the top of the page: {{Outdated}} This will make the article display the the following text from Template:Outdated:

This article is old and may contain information which is outdated. You can help the Earthen Ring Wiki by editing/expanding it.

This encourages other users to update and expand the article.

When you've added to the article, and it no longer appears outdated, remove the tag.

Expanding Outdated Articles[]

To expand an outdated article, you can incorporate your own knowledge of the subject into the article. The general public is typically encouraged to expand the article freely and neutrally until the subject is adequately updated.

Lists of Stubs[]

To find an outdated article, use the following links (to see what links to this and similar pages):

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