Ordo Argentum Malleus

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Guild Leader/Guild Master: Ewane
  • Contact Person/Method: Ewane (In-game Mail)
  • Recruiting Status: Open
  • RP "Newbie" - Friendly: We're flexible. We do require members to have somewhat of a grasp on the concepts.

Focus/Mindset[edit | edit source]

Ordo Argentum Malleus is an Inquisition Order attached to the Silver Hand. As a sanctioned member of the Church and the Knights of the Silver Hand, Ordo Argentum Malleus is tasked with investigating reports of fel magics, pursuing rogue agents whether they are warlocks, mages or any other dangerous elements that are dangers to Azeroth.

Requirements/Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Must be human. No warlocks.

Raiding Interest[edit | edit source]

Although our interests do not lie strictly in leveling and doing high level raids/instances, we are willing do them if required.

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