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Order of Nighthaven

Basic Information[]

  • Guild Leader/Guild Master: Coedwyg
  • Guild Website
  • Contact Person/Method: In Game or send a message through our website.
  • Recruiting Status: Open, some restrictions apply.


The Order of Nighthaven is a society founded to uphold the honor and ways of both the Druidic belief's and those of the Light. We believe it is our sworn duty to rebuild our shattered lands, to meet the threat of the Burning Legion with unflinching courage, to discourage Horde transgressions of the standing truce no matter how small, to defend all alliance territories with passion and conviction, and to attempt to restore the natural order of all Azeroth.

Our name stands as a testament to the former glory of the old ways of the druids in moonglade. It also stands as a beacon for the light, a shelter in the dark times of war. We believe that patience was needed and that Teldrassil should not have been formed. The druids should have stayed within Moonglade and help heal what is left of the world tree. Both the Light and the Druidic ways we honor teach us that the corruption of the demons cannot be lived with if we are to heal the world and protect our friends and family. As such, we do not tolerate those that consort with our natural enemies, the demons. Warlocks will not be tolerated as they bring even more demons into our world from the twisting nethers.

We offer our members a means by which we can help one another, sharing resources, experience, ability, and information, so that all may prosper to meet our sworn duty as protectors.


The requirements for the guild, in general, are as follows;

  • RP is practicly a must...we are relaxed about it, but we do expect to be able to run into you in the wilds and for you to be IC for a short time, if RP is not your main gig.
  • The characters should have a reverence of nature, we 'are' the Order of 'Nighthaven' after all....named after the famed druid's town...and show respect and adherence to the light.
  • Helpfull to the members, we are a group of giving people....we help each other out, in info if not in actually running you through a quest. All of us are willing to help, and we expect those that join our ranks to share in that spirit.

Other Info[]

We are a relaxed and friendly lot and quick to answer a genuine call for help. Democratic on large decisions...and quick to show appreciation for team players. All of us RP, and all enjoy being able to just hang out at times as well.