Turacy Charleston Omento The First.
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OOC Game Stats
Game Name Turacy
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Guild The Crimson Sails
Professions None.
IC Info
Nicknames Tur, Cap'n.
Title Admiral of the Crimson Sails, Lord of Omen Manor.
Age 50
Height 6 foot 3 while Booted.
Hair Black
Eyes Forest Green
Skin Light Tan
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Physical DescriptionEdit

Turacy is seen in two outfits. His Stylish black shirt, his grey, faded pants that were once a deep purple, and his black boots, rims over his ankles. His wedding ring rests on his finger, and his backpack of stuff hangs from his belt.


Turacy is chaotic and..seems slightly insane on the outside, while inside rests the strategic, skillful personality of his father. Always plotting something or other for his war against the guard, almost any time you look at him- and he dosent know your watching- you can almost hear grinding gears.


Turacy Charleston Omento was born at Omen Manor. Where that IS exactly is a mystery to everyone but himself. He lived there a large amount of his life, being in an arranged marriage- like all Omens. When disaster struck, it struck hard. His younger brother betray him, and sold their location out to The Orcish Horde. Most were killed in the attack, though there is one other in Stormwind who claims to be from their family...

He moved to stormwind shortly after this, and joined the original Crimson Hounds Brigade. There he met Laura, his first wife. She made an attempt on his life for, to this day, unknown reasons. After surviving that, he drifted, a incoherent blur of Drinking and women. He met Syddan, and proposed to her, but was shot down. Approximately 3 years after this event, he met Sancala. Shortly aftewards, they married and had a child. After starting (and disbanding) the Stormwind Elite Guard for unknown political reasons, he started the Crimson Sails, a guild devoted to Pillaging, looting, and generally being a nuisance.
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