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Nodoskaia, Champion of the Tears of Draenor

In-Game: Nodoskaia

Clan: Tears of Draenor

Title: Champion


Race: Orc

Class: Hunter

Professions: Skinning, Tribal Leatherworking

Age: 18 (Assumed)

Sex: Female

Hair: Burnt Red

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 168 lbs.

Height: 5' 10"

Garments/Armor: Light, unobtrusive leathers when hunting typical game; Heavier dragonscale or mail for dangerous hunts; Reinforced Legionnaire chain for battle; Any many of cloths and textures for relaxing


Naraxis (pictured above) - Her fiercly protective spider and best friend. Nodoskaia was led to his cave by a vision, and ever since has had a spiritual connection with spiders of all types.

Kraken - A sea spider who befriended her during a battle with a Deep Strider in desolace. If you have conjured bread on you, he will snip your pocket to get at it.

Ashera - Yet another spider that decided to follow Nodoskaia as she was headed towards the dungeons of Blackrock. Ashera hasn't been seen much, preferring to just follow at a comfortable distance.

Seeka - An ever-present spire spiderling. She is often bunched up in a webnest beneath Nodoskaia's cloak. Her sudden appearance from under the cloak often surprises those unfamiliar with Nodo.

Rashkar - A battle tested and trained raptor. Nodoskaia went to great lengths to befriend this beast and learn his habits. She was drawn to the raptor's combination of strength, speed, and agility.