Nightshade is most fond of walking about in the guise of a giant cat. In her true form, she is tall and graceful with light skin and long, dark blue hair. She has also been known to take the form of a giant bear.


Cruel and vicious, Nightshade is fond of taking the hearts of her victims. She does not accept rejection or disapointment. While viewed as insane by most standards, she is not stupid. She takes great delight in causing pain for slights against her and is a dangerous foe. She relies on a small following of henchmen and a flock of ravens to be her eyes, ears and muscle to accomplish her end goals.


Nightshade started down the path of nature and somewhere along the way, the corruption that taints the Emerald Dream scarred her as well. She joined with an elf named Qal'Tirrin and together they committed sensless murders over the course of a century.

The day came when Qal'Tirrin realized that he would not kill the innocent. He and Nightshade fought and he threw her into a river and assumed that she had drowned. Years later, he discovered that she lived and had taken on an alias to get close to his new companions. He also learned that when Nightshade was thrown into the water, she had been pregnant with his child.

Qal'Tirrin, or Edward Von Nacht as he had come to be known, had begun his life anew and when presented with the choice of returning to the druid or continuing his life with Kya Nali and the Grey Tiger Tong he chose to leave his past behind.

Refusing to accept his decision, Nightshade began a reign of terror over the Tong in an attempt to destroy them all. She was ultimately defeated but not before revealing that Von's daughter lives.


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