Earthen Ring Wiki

03/26/07 Moving to Wikia

Everyone, we have a big change! For half a year we have fought the proprietor of the Elwiki service for the abilities to customize our community's page for our own uses. Simple things, such as graphic changes, and more important issues, such as protecting our pages from random defacements and adbots, were completely ignored by the Elwiki owner.

And so, I had enough.

At noon I sent an e-mail to the owner of the Wikia service, and she was more than happy to provide us with a safe, customizable site. Beyond that, she gave us the greatest gift possible: a free move to our new home. As I write this the final pages are being uploaded to the new site, and we anticipate that our extensive art gallery shall be transferred by the end of the day.

What does this mean for us? More security. I have been holding back from you: The owner of the Elwiki service became notorious for his irresponsibility over the time in which our wiki was growing. I read accounts of other users leaving the site as technical and user support diminished. Every morning I woke up and checked the ER Wiki just to make sure it was still there. I feared that we had no better place to go, and that moving would be painful. However, by joining the larger, more stable Wikia service, we anticipate those worries to become moot.

There is a small price for this: accounts must be remade. Nothing more. Your old user pages have been imported, and you will find them ready upon recreating your accounts.

Thank you for being a wonderful, supportive community. We anticipate great things with our move to the Wikia service.

--Lilithia 23:29, 26 March 2007 (UTC)

See Welcome to Wikia.

02/26/07 Official Response to Spammers

Our wiki has grown, and with such the traffic to the site has increased in proportion. Such popularity has not gone unnoticed and a scummy adbot has decided to turn its sights on our corner of the Web. There are three things we must take note of in this situation.:

  • We are unable to require users to log in to edit pages at this time. We ask that real users (visitors not placing advertisements for various pharmaceuticals or 'alternative entertainment' sites) continue to log in to ease moderation practices. Doing so will also allow us to catch the adbot's handiwork more easily.
  • Locking pages to stop the adbot does not work; it simply makes a new page. To our fortune, however, the adbot does not write on pages with pre-existing content. Therefore, though we cannot lock adbot out of our pages, we may rest safely knowing it will never destroy our work.
  • Banning the adbot's IP is not productive. The IP is dynamic and changes frequently.

With the decline in e-mail advertising there has been an increase in other viral Internet marketing methods. Though ours sounds like a terrible situation, it is really only a minor nuisance that comes with the territory of the Internet. Our existing pages and our works are not defaced by the adbot and its changes are easy to erase. If you see an advertisement page, erase it! This small act will contribute to the ER Wiki being a space for the server community and not the Viagra and striptease sites which fight their losing battles on our territory.

--Lilithia 02:00, 27 February 2007 (GMT)

11/28/06 Review of ER Wiki pages continues!

Character pages that are either empty or show lots of "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"-like holes that haven't been updated in 30 days or more are being set for Moderator Watch. If they're not tweaked by their users within 72 hours of the Moderator Watch assignment:

  • Empty character pages will be deleted.
  • Non-updated empty sections of otherwise substantial character pages will be removed.

The Moderator Watch won't be applied to character pages that are set aside for blood elf and Dranei characters, as they can't properly be fleshed out until after the release of Burning Crusade.


11/17/06 Pages Under Review!

If you've made a character page in the ER Wiki at then please be sure to fill it with current and accurate content. We're in the process of reviewing and editing character pages. Empty, unused pages are being marked for deletion.

Thanks! --Stamp

11/13/06 New Front Page and Extra Goodies

The Earthen Ring Wiki has a brand new Main Page! The old page, while simple, lacked the life the server deserves. The wiki policy has been expanded, clarified, and still rests firmly on the on the Main Page. However, the new page is more than a better layout and policy. A Weekly Featured Article and Weekly Featured Story section has been added, highlighting player-made content from ER that is deserving of praise.

Comments? Send them to ERWiki AT Remember: the wiki is by the Earthen Ring community, for the Earthen Ring community.

10/30/06 Technical Difficulties

The Wiki has been a little temperamental the past couple of days, giving SQL error messages at times. The host has been notified, so hopefully it'll be an easy fix. Thanks for your patience!

10/29/06 Character Template Sheet Updated

The basic Character Sheet Template has been updated to include the wonderful table Raysha has created for us. Easy to use--just fill in the blanks!

10/18/06 Stamp Greet, Hit, and Administrate

In order to better serve and promote the spirit of community, Stamp has been promoted from a moderator to an administrator. With his new abilities Stamp has more system permissions on the wiki as being able to promote moderators. The move to share power takes creative and administrative power of the wiki out of the sole hands of Lilithia and ensures that the Earthen Ring community is first priority.

Congratulations, Stamp!

In other news, the wiki's video library support has been dropped in light of the satisfactory service the "Earthen Ring Video Collection" thread supplies. While the wiki is always willing to try new ideas, the core values of maintaining print and art media comes foremost. A specific focus allows us to provide a quality resource to the Earthen Ring community.

08/31/06 Logo Art Contest

The ER Wiki has definately developed and grown over the last several months, but we still need to add more... flair to claim it as our own. In response to this, the ER Wiki Team is holding a contest to replace the tired old logo in the upper-left of the ER Wiki.

This needs to go.:

What are we going to replace it with? Whoever wins the contest!

We're offering 200G to whoever can create a great new corner logo to be used in the ER Wiki.

  • The logo must have a width and height of 135px.
  • The logo must be WoW-related, or have a style reminiscent of WoW.
  • Final drafts must be submitted to Lilithia.Emberfall AT by Thursday, September 7th, 11:59PM ER Server Time (Eastern).
  • Entries will be judged fairly, with the artists' names hidden, by the ER Wiki Team.
  • The winning entry shall be announced by the following Monday and 200G sent to the winner's character of choice.

Good luck!

08/22/06 Video Section Added

A new page to list videos created by players of and taking place on Earthen Ring has been made. Give a link, make a description and add your video today!

--Lilithia 06:10, 22 August 2006 (BST)

07/30/06 Art Gallery Begins to Fill

The Art Gallery has been opened for use! By utilizing the 'card catalogue' system of the ER wiki we have found a method to sort art by subject and artist. Huzzah!

--Lilithia 03:29, 31 July 2006 (BST)

07/10/06 New Art Category!

A new category, Art, has been added to the wiki. Check it out, and get all the nifty player-created content you can uploaded.

For the community! For ER!

--Lilithia 18:38, 10 July 2006 (BST)

06/26/06 Quick Editing Reference Sheet Added

A Quick Reference sheet has been added to the Help:Contents section of the wiki. This new page should help users create their pages with simple visual aids.

Thanks for contributing, SilverShadow!

-- Lil

06/26/06 Events Mean Something More

A small change has been made to [[Category:Events]]. This category may now be used to store information regarding open roleplay storylines as well as server events.

-- Lil

06/25/06 All Systems Go! The Wiki is Safe!

I just finished having a discussion with the creator of the ElWiki service, and everything appears to be solid. In fact, the wiki should be improving in time, with custom graphics and new settings. Huzzah!

A transcript of the discussion may be found here.

Congratulations, Earthen Ring. The wiki is now assuredly working!

-- Lil

06/24/06 Wiki Complications and Possible Salvations

If you've been trying to access the wiki in the last couple of days, you may have noticed that the service was a little... troubled. Let's face it: the wiki was dead in the water, and completely non-functioning.

Our wiki team has been working hard to find our next course of action. Should we stay with the current wiki service, which is free but not under our direct control, or find a pay service which we have direct control over, but have to pay? How are we going to move all of the wiki's information if we do decide to change services? These are the types of questions we are now faced with.

Until further notice, all users are free to use the wiki as normal. We now have the wiki service owner's contact information, and could feasibly export and import all data on the wiki to a new provider. Also, through this direct contact, we could figure out exactly what happened to our wiki over the past two days, and how to help the provider prevent future outages.

Keep your eyes on the News page!

-- Lil

06.22.06 Sticky the Wiki!

The Earthen Ring forums are constantly flooded with posts. To keep the wiki in a place of easy reminder and access, we need to get the forum moderators to sticky the thread on the ER forums.

Go here after you have logged into the Earthen Ring forums and hit the biohazard sign on the first post in the thread. Write as the reason for the report, "Please sticky."

Let's get this, everyone!

-- Lil

06/22/06 Guilds Pages Updated

Barista changed the guild listing pages to further seperate guilds by a few new categories. Whoever did this, it was a wonderful idea. I took this, modified the wording just a bit, and have made it a permanent change to the guild listings.: [[Category:<Faction>_PvP_Guilds]], [[Category:<Faction>_PvE_Guilds]], and [[Category:<Faction>_Roleplaying_Guilds]].

From this point, the guild listing pages are considered complete, minus minor cosmetic changes, and have been locked. Make good use of the new categories!

-- Lil

06/21/06 Booming Numbers

Since opening on Monday afternoon, the Earthen Ring Wiki has gathered 68 new user content pages, and over 9,000 page views. We have 66 registered users, and five official moderators. These numbers have no sign of slowing down.

Fantastic! Keep spreading the news. No matter who you are and who your character is, if you roleplay on the Earthen Ring server, this place is made for you.

-- Lil

06/19/06 Open for Business!

The Earthen Ring Wiki is now open for the community! Visit the Tutorial to get a crash course in editing the wiki, or browse through the new content as it is added by users.

Don't forget to make an account!