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Nerit Doherty
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Nerit
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender female
Class Priest
Guild Guildless
Professions Herbalism, ((Alchemy))
IC Info
Title Sister
Age 24
Height 5'5"
Hair dusty brown, always held up in a bun
Eyes brown
Skin generally, pink
Alignment NG?

"Burning Light"

((Still under development!))

Physical Description

  • Garments/Armor: Simple robes or clothes
  • Other: Appears to be rather plain. She wears a silver ring.


Quiet and inquisitive. Generally pacifist. However, she has a tendency to become irritated or frustrated at certain times -- she does not have limitless patience as should be expected of priests of the Light.

Nerit may also appear inexperienced with city life.


((Under Construction))

Born in the North to a priest and a maiden, Nerit was brought up in a strict household. However, she was very close to her mother's sister and spent much of her time with her. Her older brother, Danel, encouraged by their father, was recruited to join the devout paladins. She never saw him again.

Circa the whisperings before the Third War, she was sent to Northshire Abbey for a good priestly training. After spending several years there, she was transferred to Stormwind Cathedral, where she now resides. Nerit rarely if ever brings up her past, more inclined to let things lie as they are.