Morius McEinlein
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Morius
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Guild Gray Tiger Tong
IC Info
Age 25
Height 5' 11"
Hair Brown, almost red
Eyes Bluish Green
Skin White

Physical DescriptionEdit

Morius is a fairly muscular man, his body toned from his years in the military. He maintains a rigorous regimen of exercise. He's usually seen wearing some basic chainmail when not in familiar company.


Morius is, for the most part, easygoing. He keeps a pleasant demeanor about him nearly all the time.


Morius' father served in the Alliance military. From a very early age, Morius has had a sword in hand, training daily. His father pushed him hard to follow in his footsteps, so on his 18th birthday he enlisted in the Army of the Grand Alliance. He spent a few years doing mostly guard details. He earned a reputation for brutality very quickly. There was a rumor circulating about Morius allegedly decapitating a man for pickpocketing some change. Morius finished his enlistment obligation without "official" incident. He wasn't offered a reenlistment, perhaps due to the reputation, perhaps due to budget cuts. He then sought out odd jobs. Bodyguard duty. Teaching the way of the sword. Even moving furniture. It seems his reputation has caught up to him, however. The work opportunities have slowly dried up. Recently he sought, and gained, employment with the Gray Tiger Tong Shipping and Freight Company.

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