Mirabela the Grey


Mirabela the Grey

Vital Stats Edit

  • Full Name: Mirabela
  • In-Game: Mirabela
  • Nickname: Mira
  • Guild: None
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 21
  • Class: Paladin
  • Sex: Female

Description Edit

  • Hair: Platinum blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Weight: 120
  • Height: 5'11"

Character and Background Edit

Mir is an outgoing woman, who carries a strong sense of her own inner moral values. She follows no leader but herself and her own personal spirituality, neither does she impose her spirituality on anyone.

Although one of two sisters, Mirabela grew up essentially an only child - the product of an unhappy marriage between a humble Westfall farmer and his wife. Mir and her sister were raised to have an indifference to each other. Her older sister, Serena, was close to and nurtured by their mother, and Mirabela nurtured and raised by their father, Lightweaver.

When the Defias invaded their farm, Mirabela's mother and sister were raped and murdered. Her father was attacked, but survived long enough to bring Mirabela safely to Stormwind. He died at the gates of Stormwind. That night, Mirabela, at the age of 17, buried her father in the nearby graveyard. She adopted the gravestone which was over his burial spot as his gravestone.

Shortly after arriving in Stormwind, at the age of 17, Mirabela met and fell in love with a man named Alkan. Alkan was the first man the Mirabela ever loved. Their relationship was bittersweet. It began with the Mirabela's morbid, bloody, and dysfiguring carving of a runic glyph into Alkan's back -- a ritual which was necessary to protect him from future invasions of one such as Dreadsinger, the creature who forever shared Alkan's soul and mind.

Alkan killed a woman named Gospel in an accidental procedure while Mirabela was away one time. This was the beginning. Alkan shortly thereafter adopted a half-demonic child, a son whom he named Loge. Mirabela and Alkan's relationship grew apart as Mirabela began to question her loyalties as a paladin, and Alkan's life became more and more entrenched in his past. Eventually Alkan and Mir came back together as very good friends, where they have always meant to be.

After Alkan, Mirabela's life was full of inconsolable emptiness. Alkan found another, and the men that Mirabela found were either soon after taken, or they were men who weren't right for her, or they had much bigger goals in their lives than to fall in love. She found herself on a long, solitary search for herself and her purpose in life In Search of Self, The Rabbit.

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