Miacoda Poeso loosely translates to Cat of the Moon Power.


Miacoda was raised by her Uncle Tate, wandering around the land for years before finally setting up camp in the grassy hills near Mulgore not too long ago. Her parents had perished in a fire as lightning struck when she was still far too little to remember. Uncle Tate was a hard working and solid druid of honorable repute and was often sought for his advice wherever he went. His absences in duty gave Miacoda plenty of time to develop self-sufficiency and learn to be comfortable alone. Uncle Tate's recent passing is one Miacoda has embraced with her spirit of faith in the cycles of life forms and acceptance of the forces of nature. His guidance and teachings led her to suspect his soul might be hovering over her at any time. She can often be found looking wistfully at birds circling overhead, wondering if his life form is now content and soaring in freedom.

She ended up forging a new life for herself in Bloodhoof Village, where she's earning a meager but sufficient living and learning to appreciate a life among neighbors in a stable setting for once. Change seems both imminent and frightening, which is why Miacoda is learning how to reach out to her community.


Miacoda is a very basic and sturdy tauren of few extremes. Her movements are slow and nearly feline with mannerisms which are deliberate and thoughtful. She exudes a calmness, stemming from her love of nature and all things serene. Her favorite time is night, where the moon casts a silvery glow and starlight twinkles magically in the sky. Chaos and strife are things she avoids at all costs, choosing instead to focus positive energy into anything which threatens her balance. Occasional avoidance of her negative emotions will throw her suddenly into a menacing bear, where her growl is every bit as mean as her bite - but that always unnerves her. She has a simple mind and outlook, one borne mostly of common sense on the outset of things. Underneath the surface lies a depth of intuitive sight, which she often hides, knowing it makes others uncomfortable.

Her Uncle was a man of sparse words, so growing up with him caused a dichotomy of both quiet watchfulness and a talkative tendency to fill the silences. She can lapse into either state instantly. While appearing shy at times, she actually prefers observing and focusing on others.

To keep her hands busy, she enjoys working with leathercrafts and also has a penchant for whittling. This allows the spiritual side of her to thrive. When very attuned to and in balance with the Earth Mother, the only mother she ever really knew, you might catch her humming or singing odd tunes.

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