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Mhoram Vilecaller
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Mhoram
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Class Warlock
Guild Cataclysm
Professions Alchemist, Warlock mentor
IC Info
Nicknames Mhor, Mho, Mhoramy(but only Kandina is permitted to call him Mhoramy)
Title self-styled "Lord Mhoram" - though no one is quite aware ye what he is Lord of
Age Late sixties
Height Roughly five foot nine, maybe ten inches
Hair A dull Blonde color that has long since lost its attractiveness
Eyes Very dark. Possibly black. Difficult to say due to the black leather straps he constantly wears across his face.
Skin Blue-grey
Alignment Unknown, believed to be chaotic good.

Physical Description[]

Mhoram is neither particularly tall nor particularly short. Beneath his decaying flesh can be seen impressive muscle for one who avoided the path of physical strength. (work in progress)


Mhoram is a very mysterious person, even for a Forsaken Warlock. Even in life he never seemed to be entirely human, though what else he could be no one knew. Although he has enough power to train other warlocks, he generally refuses to do so, the exception being a young Blood Elf warlock named Kandina. He is often in the company of the warrior Ceer, and/or young Kandina. Like Ceer, he always does what is best for his people, but of his deeper purpose, if such exists, nothing is known.


He gained the name Vilecaller during the war against the Legion in Kalimdor, through his tendency to summon the Legion's own demons to use against them. During the final battle near Hyjal summit, this proved to be his undoing, as Archimonde's mere presence gave the demons the strength to resist Mhoram's will. He was slain by the forces he sought to use. Since his undeath began, he has tended less towards the summoning and control of demons for his power, and more towards the raw destructive power of fire and shadow, though he still uses the name Vilecaller. He made quite a name for himself after the opening of the Dark Portal, bein among the first to reinforce Thrallmar, and constantly throwing himself onto the front line against both the Legion and the Alliance. These days he can often be found fighting Illidans forces near the Temple of Karabor.