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Merion Rubycore
OOC Game Stats
Game Name not in the game yet
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild guildless
Professions Teaching young rangers
IC Info
Nicknames Mer
Title Master
Age appears in his 40s
Height Medium
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Skin Tanned
Alignment Neutral Good


Twin brother of Deirdre Skystrider, born Rubycore, uncle to Laeldre Skystrider. Lael'valin Skystrider's childhood friend.

Merion and Lael'valin were best friends since their toddler years. They were inseparable until the end of their schooltime, when they took up different paths. Merion applied to the Rangers of Silvermoon, while Lael'valin chose to study history and foreign cultures (against the wishes of his parents). The two young men still met in their free time whenever they could, though, and one day, Merion brought his twin sister Deirdre, who had been studying magic abroad, to one of these meetings. Deirdre and Lael'valin fell for each other immediately and fiercely, much to Merion's approval (and amusement), and married only a few years later. When Deirdre and her new born daughter died in a traumatic incident, Lael'valin turned his back to his old childhood friend, unable to stand looking at the twin of his lost love for even a second. For over a hundred years, Lael'valin has avoided Merion completely, and Merion respected that. Even when both men followed Kael'thas, they managed to ignore each other fully.

Recently, however, Merion, now a teacher for young Farstrider applicants, got an unexpected new student ... the believed-dead Laeldre Skytrider. He kept his true identity a secret from her, but the young girl quickly felt connected to him on an instinctive level. At Laeldre's wedding to one Hukari Hexxen, Merion and Lael'valin finally revealed their connection to Laeldre, and the two men rekindled their friendship.

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