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Faction Alliance
Guild Type Roleplaying
RP Level Medium
Size 5-10
Guild Master Vesperal
Contacts Vesperal, Skunkwerks
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"the play's the thing Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."
~Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 603–605.

Basic OOC Information[]

  • Contact Person/Method: Contact Skunkwerks in-game or by IM.
  • Recruiting Status: Closed- This is a personal guild.
  • Roster: This guild currently contains only SkunkWerks' and his wifes' Alliance alts. ICly these alts may or may not be associated with the Guild's IC identity.
  • Purpose: OOCly this guild serves as storage for alts as well as items shared between SkunkWerks' and his wife. ICly it is counted as an entity or group for the purposes of Vesperal's backstory.
  • Interaction: RP-friendly, and just-about-anything-friendly. Feel free to approach me or my wife on any of our alts. Just understand that while the guild tag may say "<Masque>" the character themselves may not have any IC association with the entity itself.


Masque is modeled on a troupe of renowned traveling actors that perform throughout Azeroth. This troupe of players is led by one Vesperal Swiftshade. Secretly however, this group of players operates in the shadowy twilight world of espionage. It is more than it appears to be...

IC Roster[]

OOC Roster[]